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Clockwork – Specials

Watch mechanisms from established manufacturers in new designs. Men’s watches with individual casing and faces made from platinum, red gold, titanium and diamond. Unique items for individualists and watch collectors

Men’s wristwatch<br>
Casing in 18-carat yellow gold – Tourbillon mechanism – Separate hours – Face – Mounted diamond
<br>Unique watch Design Uli Glaser 2009/2010 Watch2<br>
Antique watch – “Tourbillon” clockwork mechanism<br>
Hand-finished casing in red-gold look with sapphire glass<br> 
Individual face in titanium – Mounted diamond
<br>Unique watch Design Uli Glaser 2009/2010 Watch3<br> 
Mechanical watch “Patek Philippe” clockwork mechanism c. 1900
Minute repeater – Case in red gold & titanium
Open face in titanium & 24-carat gold Watch4<br> 
Men’s wristwatch – unknown manufacturer c. 1930<br>
Case in titanium & 14-carat yellow gold<br>
Open face in titanium & 24-carat gold
Men’s wristwatch – Zenith mechanism c. 1920<br>
“SAXONIA” model, very rare minute repeater with chime<br>
Casing in titanium and red gold – Diamond face integrated in glass frame Watch6<br> 
Designer watch with “TOURBILLON” clockwork mechanism and high-carat
casing, hand-finished 950 platinum – Sapphire glass bottom
Circular diamond border without face
<br>Unique watch Design Uli Glaser 2009/2010 Watch7<br>
“Assmann-Glashütte” chronometer clockwork mechanism c. 1910
18-carat red-gold scaling on face
Casing in titanium & red gold – Sapphire glass bottom 
Manual winder 18-carat gold, flawless 0.15-carat diamond
Men’s designer watch with individual “TOURBILLON” clockwork mechanism
Casing in titanium & red gold – Sapphire glass bottom
Face in titanium & red gold
<br>Unique watch Design Uli Glaser 2009/2010 Watch9<br>
Men’s wristwatch – “Wittenauer” mechanism c. 1890<br>
Minute repeater<br>
Casing in red gold & titanium – Sapphire glass bottom
 IWC – „Portugieser“Schaffhausen /CH<br>
Clockwork Pocket watch /Face Origin IWC 1915<br>
Watchcase – Crown Titanium – Gold 18k<br>
Front/Reverse prismatic Sapphire Glass<br>
Unique watch Design Uli Glaser 2011
“Jaeger LeCoultre”   clock mechanism by origin 1905
<br>¼ Repetition with chime manual winding
<br> casing made of pure Titanium-18gold sapphire glass watch12<br>
“Tourbillion – JTP unique” clock mechanism<br>
casing in pure Titanium face-pointer<br>
18k   white gold front /sapphire-glass
watch13 “Lange & Söhne” Chronometer
<br>clock mechanism by origin 1910                                                                                                                       
<br>face enamel made; manual winding
<br>pointer TI blue-watchcase Titanium 18k gold diamond watch14<br>  “Lange & Söhne” Glashütte origin 1910
face by origin enamel made, pointer TI blue<br>
casing in Titanium 24k gold inlay, sapphire glass<br>
watch15<br>  “Ulysee - Nardin” clock mechanism by origin 1920
face mother of pearl – gold diamonds, Ti blue pointer<br>
casing in  pure Titanium – 18k rose’  white gold  diamonds<br> watch15/2  “Ulysse - Nardin”  details see like description before
18k gold screws  - sapphire glass bottom    
watch16  “IWC-PORTUGUESE” clock mechanism by origin 1915
face pure Titanium – 18k gold; 18k gold pointer by origin -Ti blue 
manual winding; separate 18k pointer position  JTP unique special watch17 ”1/4 Minute- Repetition” Switzerland by origin 1910
Handmade clock mechanism very rare minute repeater with chime
casing pure Titanium – 18kgold; manual winding titanium gold watch 17/2         Reverse view watch No18
Tourbillon 'JTP-unique'
Clock mechanism Nonius Crown gold
Casing in pure titanium - 18karat Gold
Face 'icematt-look' pointer titanium

The mechanisms of old master watchmakers in a new look … unique watches with completely reworked mechanisms that have been dismantled, replaced and inserted into extraordinary and unique casing. Precious 950 platinum, 18-carat gold alloy, pure titanium and flawless diamonds give these masterpieces a new appearance.

Uli Glaser Design JTP uniques with their unmistakable logo stand for professional workmanship and the brand’s changeable design. All parts subject to wear and tear in the mechanisms of these unique watches are guaranteed for five years.

The decorative watches we produce are unique items from the 18th and 19th centuries (1880 – 1920). As a result, they are not waterproof and should not be subjected to splashes. The functional minute repeater in the outer case is visible and has an open channel through the release lever.

Most of the historic mechanisms are signed by the original manufacturer with numbers, while the casing has a separate serial number.

The antique mechanisms have a manufacturer’s certificate of origin to exclude forgeries and imitations of all kinds. As mechanical timepieces, the Tourbillon mechanisms (manufactured in Asia) have a maximum tolerance deviation per day of 10 seconds when not used and approx. 2-5 seconds when worn continuously. Depending on their age, the accuracy of antique mechanisms is between 5-30 seconds a day; if worn continuously approx. 10 seconds at most. All mechanisms can be individualised in a variety of casing/face designs /p>

Mechanisms from Assmann-Sachsen/Lange & Söhne/Wittnauer minute repeater/IWC Patek-Phillipe/Markenzeller (1/4) minute repeater/Tourbillon Asia

CombinationTitanium & 18-carat red gold – Titanium & 950 platinum
Solid parts18-carat yellow gold – 18-carat red gold – 950 platinum
Glass front/bottomHardened 1.8 mm sapphire glass on top/below; scratch- and impact-resistant
OriginalHistoric faces matching the mechanism are offered separately by request
CombinationTitanium – gold inlays
Solid partsBy request in yellow/red gold and platinum alloy
OrnamentationEngravings on the outer casing and face to individual order; initials, monograms and special engravings according to pattern
MaintenanceAccessories/precision engineering
Universal hex key steel – gold
For opening the casing and changing the strap
PackingPresentation box in high-grade wood
Design copyrightAll models are produced as unique items and are subject to design and utility copyright under law

Currently available mechanisms

IWC 4 Portuguese 1916
Lange&Söhne (1A) 3 Certificate 1900
Assmann (2A) 1Certificate 1880
Lange&Söhne 1 Medium /D-K 1900
Jaeger- LeCoultre (PDF) 2 ¼ repeater 1905
Tourbillon (PDF)
Ingersoll 2 Minutes – Tourbillon (new)


Uli Glaser Design 02.06.2010

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